In case you didn't know, Rob Zombie loves old horror movies and the band was named after one called White Zombie made in 1933 starring Bella Lugosi. I picked up a copy at the video store the other day for $2.00 here's what's on the box...


A young woman is traveling to Haiti to marry her fiance. En route she meets an unscrupulos plantation owner who makes plans to keep her for himself. He persuades the couple to marry at his home. Traveling by coach to their hosts home, they come upon a strange happening, a burial ceremony that is taking placein the middle of the road. Next , they encounter Bela Lugosi, a satanic zombie masterwho supplies labor to the local mills. A deadly struggle takes place between Lugosi and the plantation owner for possession of the beautiful bride. This is a classic horror movie. Complete with vultures, evil powers, voodoo dolls. zombies, spooky castles and haunting music.

1933 Black & White 73 minutes

Starring: Bella Lugosi,
Madge Bellamy, John Harron, Robert Frazer and Joseph Cawthorn

Story: Garnet Weston

Producer: Edward Halperin
Director: Victor Halperin


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