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The name of Rob's solo disc will be Hellbilly Deluxe it will include a 24 page booklet in full color. Check out the poster on the main page.

Rob will not be on KoRn's Family Values tour insted he will have his own tour and hopes to have Monster magnet open for him.

On June 2nd Zombie A Go-GO records released it's first two discs. One from The Ghastly Ones and another from The Bomboras. Check out my Downlods section for some sound clips.

It's finally official. Rob's solo disc will be out on August 25 and maybe a tour in September or October. Tommy Lee appears on the disc and John will be on drums.


So much for Metal Edge, the home video still isn't out maybe somtime this month. I did get some info from the UK magazine Metal Hammer I got a picture of the cover which you can find in the art section of my page. The video will be about 60 minutes long and will have live video as well as all of their music videos. It should kick ass when it finally comes out. Pick up a copy of Metal Hammer I got it at Tower Records.

The third Crow movie will probably be released as an independent film.

J. has a new Ibanez guitar coming out sometime this year.

Last updated: 07/28/98