Leatherneck'n Down The Street Like "Hey I'm Joyrid'n" Like A Bad Dog - Come On "Burn In!" Demon Got My Soul And I Said "Drive!" Come On - Speed Kills - But I'm Alive Yeah! In My Durango 95 Yeah! Casino On The Edge She Moves Like A Twister Gravity Crank - Solo My Sista - Come On - She said "Take Me Away" Away Away Shout! I'm Deadly On The Eyes An Astro-Spyder, Baby - A Powertripp'n No - No - No - Maybe? Come On - Angel Trumpets Again Yeah! Motherfucker Scream "Horrorshow" Time A Diamond Ass Right On My Line Come On - She Said "Take Me Away" Away Away Yeah! Burning Like Fat In The Fire The Smell Of Red, Red Groovie Screamed Mega-Flow - A Stalking Ground Without Prey - A Flash Of Superstition Whimpering Like A Cripple Animal - Dogs Of The Soul-Crusher - Pulling Closer Like The BlueSteel Jaws Of Hell - Digg'n In My Heart I Find A Human Generator - Duke of N.Y. See Yeah! Eliminator Of All You Need Is Love - Yeah! Like A Cool And Crazy Freak Machine She Twanged Off And Out Like I Never Seen - I Gonna Take Her - Take Her Down, Down, Down Watch Out! Shack'n Out In My Skin - Flesh 'N' Waves They Begin - I Going Out Like A Holiday (Shout It!) Then My Mind Generate A Weepy Young "D" To Terminate - Takin' A Trip - I Said, "Straight To Hell" (Shout It!) Real Country Dark The Street - Hog The Road - Swamp The Beat - She Gonna Know Just What I Mean - Yeah! Trip Back On The Serpent Move Z-Man Slowly Bang The Groove - Takin' A Trip - "A Real Kick" To Hell (Shout It!) Think'n That When She Die - Spirit Go Up To The Sky - Devil Come A Stepp'n - Brainiac A Look'n Below - Yeah! (Shout It!)

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